Temp ink for the sexy geek.

In 2005, I would ink tattoos onto college mates with Sharpies and ballpoint pens.

In 2008 I started working as a photographer part-time, which continues today.

In summer 2013 I modeled for a friend and fellow photographer as Ariel in a modern princess series. Pen in hand, I inked a chest piece on myself in front of my aunt's spare bedroom mirror. I felt like a new person, and rocked that photoshoot. I wanted to have that feeling again.

2014 was my first full year operating Seventh Skin. I had merged my love of photography and design into a business and, thanks to all of you, it has grown to be my full-time love.

My wish is to continue to share this creative control over appearance that has empowered me every day since I began this small company. I strive to use this creativity to enrich your life in the same way. Live boldly!



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